UK Ravens assemble! London 2023 FAQ

It’s official, the Baltimore Ravens are playing in London in 2023. Here's what you need to know.

It’s official, the Baltimore Ravens are playing in London in 2023. They will face the Tennessee Titans at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on October 15th. This is the perfect opportunity for a big UK Ravens gathering – one that is made all the better by the fact that 2023 is our 20th birthday. So happy birthday us!

We imagine you have questions. We do too, so we can’t be much help yet, but we’ll update this page with more precise information as we get it. Below is what we know at the moment.

Ticket news
When will tickets go on sale and how much will they be?
The date hasn’t been announced yet but tickets will probably go on sale in mid-to-late June. Last year’s went on sale on Monday, June 20. Prices will probably be increased from last year’s, which started at £64 and went up to £146. Hospitality packages start at around £275 and there will be ticket-and-hotel deals available nearer the time, too.

Will I get a ticket?
If you’re determined enough then you’ll be fine, though it will depend on how much you’re willing to spend. The initial ticket sale will be the usual disaster that Ticketmaster and friends are known for. You might get lucky before tickets sell out but they will sell out fast. However, tickets will go on resale sites and, in our experience, as the game draws near there are usually face-value tickets available the night before. If you don’t want to gamble on that and you’re willing to spend more, then hospitality and other ticket deals are worth considering.

Party time
Will the UK Ravens be organising events?
Yes – expect some kind of party on the Saturday night before the game and a meet up near Tottenham, pre-game. There may well be other things too. More details as we fix plans.

Will the Baltimore Ravens organise events?
Probably. Last time they had Poe and the cheerleaders visiting tourist stops and hosted a big Saturday night gathering at the Admiralty in Trafalgar Square. They had Ray Lewis and Jonathan Ogden attend a kids’ flag football game, and more. We’re not sure what their commitment will be this year but we’ll publish details when we have them.

Will the NFL organise events?
Again, probably. They’ve done fan rallies in Trafalgar Square, Regent Street and Piccadilly ahead of previous games. They sometimes do ticketed panel discussions and have pop-up merch stores. This will be the third game on consecutive weeks, so the NFL’s contribution might fall mostly on the early games but there will probably be something. We’ll let you know.

How do I get to Wembley?
Jubilee Line – but we’re not playing at Wembley. We’re playing at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. It’s smaller than Wembley and the crowd is closer to the field, so there’s a good atmosphere.

How do I get to Tottenham Stadium?
If you’re starting from southeast London, like I am, then it’s a total pain, but everything you need to know is on Tottenham’s website. The Overground and rail stations are closest but they get massively crowded after the game. Seven Sisters, on the Victoria Line, is easier but it’s a 30-minute walk.

Visiting London
How do I get around?
Tube and bus will get you everywhere you need to go. Download Citymapper to your phone and planning will be much easier. Black cabs and Uber are an option but, in central London, you’ll spend a lot of time sitting in traffic.

Where should I stay?
That depends what kind of area you like. London is really big. Time Out has a good list here. Clerkenwell, Covent Garden and Soho are central and well-connected. Dalston and Shoreditch are cooler and in more or less the right direction for the stadium. Ignore Hampstead, Peckham, Richmond (even you Ted Lasso fans), and Shepherd’s Bush – they’re nowhere near Tottenham.

What should I do while I’m there?
Like I said, it’s big city. You can find pretty much anything you’re into. Visit London has a good 48-hour itinerary.

And for the Americans…
Is London safe?
You’ve been watching Fox News, haven’t you? It’s a massive city so crime does happen, but it’s generally safe. Stick to tourist areas and all you really need to be concerned about are pickpockets. Keep your bag zipped and your valuables in pockets that aren’t easily accessible.

Is the food bad?
Actually, it’s generally very good, but expensive. has tons of options, right across the city.

Do you guys tip?
Yes – but not everywhere you do. Here’s a good guide from an American on things visitors to London should know.

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