2017 Ravens schedule

The 2017 NFL schedule has been released. Here's who the Ravens face and when.

All dates and times for the following are for the UK. A Thursday night game in the US, for example, will be listed here as taking place in the early hours of Friday morning.

WEEK 1: Aug 11, 12.30AM: vs Washington
WEEK 2: Aug 18, 12AM @ Dolphins
WEEK 3: Aug 27, 12AM vs Bills
WEEK 4: Sep 1, 1AM @ Saints

Regular season
WEEK 1: Sep 10, 6PM @Bengals
WEEK 2: Sep 17, 6PM vs Browns
WEEK 3: Sep 24, 1.30PM @ Jaguars (in London)
WEEK 4: Oct 1, 6PM vs Steelers
WEEK 5: Oct 8, 9.05PM @Raiders
WEEK 6: Oct 15, 6PM vs Bears
WEEK 7: Oct 22, 6PM @ Vikings
WEEK 8: Oct 27 1.25AM, vs Dolphins
WEEK 9: Nov 5, 6PM, vs Titans
WEEK 11: Nov 19, 6PM, @ Packers
WEEK 12: Nov 28, 1.30AM vs Texans
WEEK 13: Dec 3, 6PM, vs Lions
WEEK 14: Dec 11, 1.30AM @ Steelers
WEEK 15: Dec 17, 6PM, @ Browns
WEEK 16: Dec 23, 9.30PM, vs Colts
WEEK 17: Dec 31, 6PM, vs Bengals

The obvious highlight for those of us in the UK is the Wembley game on September 24. The two weeks immediately after that will be a challenge. The Ravens travel back from London to face the Steelers and then head 3,000 miles in the other direction to face a strong looking Raiders team a week later. At least the Steelers game is at home.

The four-week run before the bye is appealing: games against the Bears and Vikings – neither of which look too threatening at this point – then two home games followed by a week off. If nothing else, the team should go into the final seven games fairly well rested.

Photo: Parker Anderson

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