Scouting report: Miami Dolphins

As the Ravens head to Miami for week two of the pre-season, UK Dolphins fan Spencer Cooper says he's just hoping to avoid injuries.

How did you become a Dolphins fan?
When I was 9 years old my best mate supported the Saints and we started playing tag football in lunch breaks. Dan Marino was the new kid on the block back then. I was hooked!

How do UK Dolphins fans tend to feel about the Ravens?
A tough defence

What games between our teams stick out in your memory?
December 16th 2007: Greg Camarillo caught a 64-yard pass from Cleo Lemon to win the game in overtime.

How has your off-season been so far and how do you feel about the season ahead?
It was going well. We were stronger in all areas and then the dreaded injuries! Now [with QB Ryan Tannehill done for the year] our season is in the balance with Jay Cutler at quarterback.

What will you be looking for in this game?
Strong play from the second-string players and hopefully no injuries.

Spencer Cooper is the founder of the Miami Dolphins UK Fan Club.

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