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Ravens websites

Where do you go for your fix of Ravens news? The general websites, such as the NFL site, Sports Illustrated, and so on, cover the Ravens when something big happens but don’t offer the kind of detail a fan needs. For that, you’ll need the following:

Ravens news and opinion
Official site – Obvious really but the Ravens official site has plenty of news, comment and good videos. I’m partial to the occasional series Coaches in Cars Getting Coffee.
Baltimore Beatdown – Also fan-driven, Beatdown is part of Vox Media’s network of 100s of sports blogs. There’s often interesting stuff to read here.
Ebony Bird – Another fan-driven networked site, this time from Sports Illustrated. No shortage of opinion to read.
ESPN Ravens News – ESPN’s day-to-day coverage is handled by Jamison Hensley but this page also brings in the other Ravens-related stuff from ESPN’s vast coverage. Close to essential.
NFL UK Ravens forum – the NFL’s UK website has a forum for every NFL team. Here’s where the Ravens fans hang out. It’s pretty quiet but worth an occasional look.
Russell Street Report – Quality fan site that is especially strong on salary cap analysis and film study breakdowns.
The Athletic – A subscription site but worth it to read reports and analysis from Jeff Zrebiec, formerly of the Baltimore Sun.
UK Ravens on Facebook – The original UK Ravens fans don’t have an active website anymore but they are very active on Facebook.

NFL news and opinion
Pro Football Focus – PFF does detailed post-game analysis and grades every player. You’ll need a subscription to get real detail (and a super-expensive subscription to get the really deep detail) but it’s still worth reading.
Football Outsiders – FO takes an advanced approach to NFL stats, running analysis to assess the value of different positions and tactics. Worth reading, even though the web design is stuck somewhere around 1999.
Smart Football – Not updated as often as it used to be but Chris B Brown’s site is still a goldmine of posts on football strategy and its evolution.
The Inside Zone – a UK-based NFL and college football site with plenty of deep looks at draft prospects and Fantasy tips.

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