2018 Ravens schedule

The 2018 NFL schedule was released last week. Here's how the Ravens games pan out.

Dates and times below are UK time. A Thursday night game in the US, for example, is listed as taking place in the early hours of Friday morning. There are asterisks next to the days of the NFL games in London, so that those of you who go to those games can play where to catch the Ravens afterwards.

Are you planning to go to any games this year? If so, let us know which ones in the comments. Closer to the start of the season, I’ll update the list

HOF: vs Bears (in Canton, Ohio) – 1AM, Fri Aug 3
1: RAMS – 12.30AM, Fri Aug 10
2: at Colts – 1AM, Tue Aug 21
3: at Dolphins – 12AM, Sun Aug 26
4: WASHINGTON – 12.30AM, Fri Aug 31

Regular season
1: BILLS – 6PM, Sun Sep 9
2: at Bengals – 1.20AM, Fri Sep 13
3: BRONCOS – 6PM, Sun Sep 23
4: at Steelers – 1.20AM, Mon Oct 1
5: at Browns – 6PM, Sun Oct 7
6: at Titans – 9.25PM, Sun Oct 14*
7: SAINTS – 9.05PM, Sun Oct 21**
8: at Panthers – 5PM, Sun Oct 28***
9: STEELERS – 6PM, Sun Nov 4
10: BYE
11: BENGALS – 6PM, Nov 18
12: RAIDERS – 6PM, Nov 25
13: at Falcons – 6PM, Dec 2
14: at Chiefs – 6PM, Dec 9
15: BUCCANEERS – 6PM, Dec 16
16: at Chargers – 9.05PM, Dec 23
17: BROWNS – 6PM, Dec 30

There’s an extra pre-season game this year, as the Ravens face the Bears in the Hall of Fame game. The team gets the Thursday night game out of the way early, in week two against the Bengals. The Ravens get a three-game road trip to begin October – though they are all short trips. The payback comes in November, when they get three home games and the bye. Finally, the near-traditional season-ending game against the Bengals has been ditched this year. The second game against the Bengals comes in mid-November and instead the Ravens finish at home against the Browns.

* Seahawks v Raiders at Tottenham, 6PM
** Titans v Chargers at Wembley 2.30PM
*** Eagles v Jaguars at Wembley 1.30PM

Photo from AIGA Baltimore

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