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Meet-ups and trips

We have organised meet-ups across the country and are keen to get more locations up-and-running.

One of the goals for the UK Ravens is to provide a network for fans to get together and share their passion for the team. We have organised meet-ups across the country and are keen to get more locations up-and-running. And for the last few years, groups of fans have travelled to the US to watch the Ravens play, tailgate with fans and get an exclusive look behind the scenes.

London, 2019

UK Meet-ups
For all of us, 2020 was something of a lost year. We obviously could not organise any meet-ups during the season because of lockdowns. We hope to be able to meet face-to-face again during the 2021 season.

In 2019, we organised multiple meet-ups in London, plus get-togethers in Manchester and Glasgow. These were all organised around 6pm games. We’re also looking at meet-ups at other times, for example to watch the draft or just to get together at the weekend.

We want to get meet-ups going in as many places as possible but we don’t have contacts all over the UK and Ireland. That’s where our members come in. If you want to start a meet-up near you, then get in touch with us via Twitter or Facebook. It will help if you are in or near a city or large town, and you will need to find a bar that has NFL Gamepass, or will let you connect a laptop. But if you can find a location then we can use the network of fans on social media to get people to come along. Some of these meet-ups will probably start small but if they become regular then they will grow.

Keep an eye on this site, or on Twitter or Facebook for meet-up announcements as the season approaches.

Manchester, 2019

US Trips
We’re lucky because one of the founders of the UK Ravens, Ben Mortimer, runs Touchdown Trips, which organises trips to the US for fans of NFL and college football. They typically organise one group Ravens trip per year and these often come with incredible bonuses, such as tours of ‘The Castle’ – the team’s HQ in Owings Mills, Maryland – and of M&T Bank Stadium.

Trips were not possible in 2020, of course, but in 2019, they organised two trips, including an epic tour for the Divisional Playoff game against the Tennessee Titans. This included the group appearing on the local news, appearing on stage at the Jimmy’s Seafood Tailgate, and getting a stadium tour that included the UK Ravens’ logo on the M&T Bank video screens. Of course, the least said about the actual game, the better.

UK Ravens tour party with the logo on the M&T Bank Stadium big screen

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