Ravens 101

The UK Ravens podcast

If you need a weekly dose of Ravens chat with a British accent then the UK Ravens Podcast is here to help! We’ll be discussing the unfolding season and featuring a range of guests.

The podcast is hosted by Gaz Poole, who our social media followers will recognise from his game previews and score predictions. Regular panellists are Ben Mortimer, one of the first members of the UK Ravens and the man behind Touchdown Trips, Ian Demain, who runs the UK Ravens Twitter account, James Ogden, who does player analysis for a number of websites including this one, and Shane Richmond, editor of this website and UK Ravens Twitter helper.

You can listen at the following places:
Google Podcasts
Apple Podcasts
Pocket Casts

Please subscribe, leave positive reviews and tell all your friends to check us out! And get in touch if you would like to join us on the podcast – we want to involve fans in the chat and also have people tell us how they became Ravens fans.

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