UK Ravens 2021 meet-ups

We missed being able to get together to watch games last year but the UK Ravens meet-ups are back this year.

Week 3: Ravens @ Lions, 6pm
The first 6pm game of the season sees the Ravens travel to Detroit to take on the Lions. We’ve got two meet-ups arranged – one in London and one in Leeds. The London meet-up is at Passyunk Avenue. There’s a ticket price to cover our deposit but it’ll get you your first drink. Sign up here. The Leeds meet-up is at Box and registration is here. Ticket for that one covers two drinks.

Week 14: Ravens @ Browns, 6pm
With just a couple of weeks until Christmas, the Ravens play a third straight AFC North match-up. We have a London meet-up planned for this one, at Belushi’s in Hammersmith with its stadium seating (pictured above). Sign up here. As before, the ticket price includes your first drink.

There may be other meet-ups to come, which will be added here when they are confirmed. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest news.

If you’d like to arrange a meet-up near you, then please get in touch with us. Setting one up isn’t complicated. We just need your local knowledge to find a pub that has NFL Gamepass and we can use our social channels to publicise it.

We’d love to have regular meet-ups all around the country but we need your help to make them happen! Leave a comment below, message us on Twitter or get in touch via Facebook and we’ll get started.

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