UK Ravens 2022 meet-ups

As always, we have several meet-ups - and one trip to the US - planned for this year.

At the time of writing, we’ve already had two meet-ups this season. It probably would have been useful to mention them on this site sooner, but here we are. There are two big meet-ups planned for December, so there is plenty of time to sign up for those. Better late than never, here’s the 2021 meet-up guide:

Week 4: Bills @ Ravens, London
Our first meet-up of the season, at the Fitzrovia Belle in central London. A little research might have told us that this is the regular haunt of the UK Bills, but we didn’t discover that until a few days before the event. Even so, a good time was had by all, despite the disappointing result. This was our biggest meet-up to date.

Week 7: Browns @ Ravens, Huddersfield
A new location for UK Ravens meet-ups! A group of fans got together in Huddersfield to watch another tense finish – but at least this one ended in a win.

Week 10: Ravens @ Saints, UK Ravens trip
This year’s annual UK Ravens trip is organised as always by Touchdown Trips, which is run by long-time UK Raven and podcast contributor Ben Mortimer. This year, the group is bound for New Orleans to take in a Monday night game.

Week 15: Ravens @ Steelers, London and Leeds
Two meet-ups in one night for our Christmas party. Fans of the podcast can catch Gaz, Ben and James in Leeds, while Shane and Ian will be in London. Expect another tense game but at least you’ll be able to watch it in good company. Click the link below to book your tickets:

As always, follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for the latest updates on these and any other meet-ups. If you’d like to arrange a meet-up near you then get in touch because we’d be happy to help publicise it on our social channels.

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